meet sustainability goals

Sustainable Equipment

As a trusted distributor of quality products, we simplify the process of finding sustainable laboratory equipment by doing the legwork for you.

Energy Efficiency

ENERGY STAR® Certification ensures energy efficiency without reduced performance through trusted third-party testing.

Water Conservation

Product options and features can help you greatly reduce water consumption to reduce utility expenses and earn LEED points.


Choosing products that help you manage consumables cuts down on waste and can reduce overhead costs.


LEC is proud to partner with our customers to support their sustainability goals.

Sourcing Sustainable Laboratory Equipment

We distribute products you can trust – for performance, reliability, and efficiency.

Our customers regularly turn to LEC as a reliable source of the industry’s top equipment manufacturers. We’re known for partnering with trusted brands and offering products that meet the highest level of quality and reliability, but we also look for equipment that provides the greatest efficiency.

Energy Efficiency

One of the best ways a laboratory can reduce energy consumption is by investing in energy-efficient laboratory equipment. Cryogenic and ultra-low temperature freezers, laboratory, biomedical, and pharmaceutical refrigerators and freezers are notorious for their high energy consumption.

ENERGY STAR, the government-backed symbol for energy efficiency, expanded certification to a portion of the scientific refrigeration market, enabling third-party testing of performance and energy efficiency. ENERGY STAR Certified laboratory-grade refrigerators and freezers can maintain setpoint temperatures at a fraction of the energy of older or uncertified models. This can drastically reduce energy consumption, lower utility bills, and help facilities meet sustainability goals.

Many lab-grade refrigerators and freezers we offer are ENERGY STAR® Certified.
Learn more about the importance of Energy Star Certification.

Water Conservation

Steam sterilizers, or autoclaves, and laboratory washers can be sources of major water consumption. Beyond best practices of turning autoclaves off after lab hours and right-sizing your washer, many manufacturers include product options and features that can help you meet sustainably goals or achieve LEED points.

Sterilizer/Autoclave Water Reduction Product Options –
  • Flexible programming for reduced cycle lengths depending on application needs
  • Built-in water conservation systems
Laboratory and Animal Care Washer Water Reduction Product Options –
  • Cycle options that help you right-size the washing program for your needs and select shorter cycles when applicable
  • Models that reuse final rinse water in pre-rinse cycle

Consumables Management

Choosing laboratory products that are designed with consumable management in mind saves you money and helps cut down on disposables. From laboratory washers that precisely measure and dispense detergent to cell counters that eliminate the need for single-use microscope slides, LEC chooses products that help you better manage consumables.