Inside Delivery: The Value Added Touch

Getting ready for installation of a capital product such as a cell culture incubator, centrifuge, biological safety cabinet, refrigerator, or freezer requires some planning. From receiving dock to the lab or wherever the product will be located, the logistics of a delivery and transport within the facility include a process that must be safe, meet sustainability goals for recycling, and assure a proper installation. Sometimes, facility managers or lab supervisors can manage this on their own. Often, we’re asked to take on the inside delivery responsibilities.

At Laboratory Equipment Company, we can offer these services when desired. We can work with the product manufacturer, act as a liaison between receiving and maintenance, and arrange setup, calibrating, and commissioning. In advance of this, we assist in site preparation to make sure you have the proper power ready to go, isolated breakers are available from the electrical system when required, utilities such as plumbing and drains are properly located, and configuration and facility systems such as water, air exhaust and ventilation considerations are covered.

For new labs, remodeled, or expanded labs, our consultative sales model includes helping you plan what you need and how it will be put into service. As independent manufacturers’ representatives, we work with many companies throughout the world to bring the best products to you. It’s our responsibility to make sure that things function as intended and that you’re satisfied. This has been a hallmark of our company for three generations.

And one last point, most packaging can be recycled. Make sure you’ve arranged this with facility management or us. Don’t guess. Call us when you want assistance or if you have questions.