Protection from Rolling Blackouts

As the summer progresses, news about the prospect of rolling blackouts continues to create concern within the scientific and research community. When it comes to ultra-low freezers, the best protection beyond a reserve power supply is best illustrated by cabinet construction, insulation, and good judgment about door openings. Our portfolio of ultra-low freezers includes models specifically designed to tolerate high ambient conditions typical of what may occur when a facility air conditioning system is switched to standby and when the freezer power is suspended.

Our sales team is factory educated in how ultra-low freezers (and other lab equipment) are constructed, especially as viewed from the inside out. We can meet with you to outline the critical attributes of ultra-low freezer cabinet construction and why certain things matter.

Additionally, the freezer must be designed to manage a safe restart sequence when the power comes back on. Sequential compressor start-up and return to normal operation is a consideration that must be factored in the original design. Some late model freezers have demonstrated problems with restarting; we can educate you on how to select a freezer built for real-world conditions, such as blackouts, brownouts and high ambient environments in labs and hallways. Contact us for more information.