Energy Star

Why ENERGY STAR® Certifications are Important

As laboratory equipment continues to evolve, the manufacturing industry is placing additional emphasis on energy management as a sustainable objective. New technologies related to refrigeration platforms have dramatically decreased power consumption required to deliver cold storage environments for a range of pharmaceuticals, biologicals, blood, tissue and other life science applications. ENERGY STAR is a longstanding component of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The ENERGY STAR certification program has now embraced a portion of the scientific refrigeration market as a segment needing a set of new standards and practices and independent testing against well-defined criteria.

One outcome of the ENERGY STAR review process is that scientific refrigeration product manufacturers must now comply with a common set of performance standards before a certification is issued. This forces manufacturers to establish a parallel set of specifications that create a fair and objective measure of performance by which to make purchase decisions. No longer is manufacturers’ literature the sole source of product information, which assures the consumer that critical performance metrics such as temperature uniformity, ambient temperature tolerance, energy consumption and temperature recovery at based on a common set of tests. For more information on our ENERGY STAR product line, please contact us.