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Our highly qualified sales representatives are available to help you at every stage of the laboratory equipment buying process.

Fill out the below form and we will match you with the representative who best meets your needs. Our factory-trained sales reps are assigned based on location as well as industry expertise. You can also see the sales team for your territory by clicking the interactive map.

LEC Northwest

LEC sales rep

Austin Wright

Territories include – Washington, Oregon & Idaho

austin@labequipco.com | (619) 248-5033

LEC Team Sangha

Harj Sangha


Territories include – Southern WA, Oregon & Southern Idaho

harj@labequipco.com | (858) 442-1935

LEC Central


Brent Kolhede


Territories include – Brisbane, South San Francisco, San Carlos, Monterey County, Central Valley & Northern Nevada

brent@labequipco.com | (510) 909-5846

LEC sales rep

Britta Johnson

Vice President

Territories include – San Francisco County, North Bay Counties Richmond, Albany, Berkeley, Emeryville, Oakland

britta@labequipco.com  | (707) 322-0221

LEC sales rep

Vince Reeve

Territories include – Alameda County (excluding Berkeley Emeryville, Oakland) Contra Costa County (excluding Richmond to Hercules) I-80 to Davis & Sacramento Foster City, San Mateo & Burlingame

vince@labequipco.com  | (510) 852-2137

LEC sales rep

Ahmed Moussa

Territories include – Santa Clara County, Santa Cruz County, Menlo Park & Redwood City

ahmed@labequipco.com  | (650) 787-5534

LEC Southwest

LEC Team Sangha

Harj Sangha


Territories include – San Diego County, Arizona & Southern Nevada

harj@labequipco.com | (858) 442-1935

LEC sales rep

Sean Lin

Territories include – San Diego County, University & Research Institutions

sean@labequipco.com | (858) 877-1810

LEC Team Booth

Nick Booth

Territories include – Los Angeles County, West of I-5 Counties of Santa Barbara & Ventura

nick@labequipco.com | (978) 764-3142

LEC sales rep

Rhey Olmedo

Territories include – Los Angeles County, East of I-5 Counties of Orange, Riverside & San Bernardino

rhey@labequipco.com | (909) 222-3443

Who We Are - LEC

Lauren Supko

Territories include – Arizona, select accounts in San Diego

lauren@labequipco.com | (858) 525-5413