Animal Care Washers

Tunnel, Bottle, Rack & Animal Cage Washers

LEC offers animal care washers that are designed to optimize efficiency. Featuring settings for personnel safety, Ten-phase treatment cycles, and temperature guarantees, the unmatched performance and convenience of our animal care washers keep your lab or animal care facility clean and up to industry standards.

Note: Most products are available with a variety of options and accessories to meet specific requirements. Contact your Laboratory Equipment Company sales representative for more information on how to tailor your product selection to meet your unique applications.

Cage & Bottle Washer

The LYNX Cage and Bottle Washer is a heavy duty, single chamber, hydro-spray washer...

Cage & Rack Washer

The LYNX Cage and Rack Washer is a heavy duty, large capacity, hydro-spray washer...

Tunnel Cage Washer

The LYNX Tunnel Cage Washer is a heavy duty, conveyorized, hydro-spray washer designed for...