BlueLED Photonic Disinfection System

Safe photonic dis-infection system – The blue light-based Spectral Blue® disinfection system kills all unwanted forms ofviruses and bacteria inside theBrinter® bioprinter, reducing the need for cleanrooms.

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Safe photonic dis-infection system
Disinfecting blue light module can be integrated into the Brinter® 3D bioprinting platform. The system enables the safe production of, e.g. tissue models and drugs and minimizes the need for separate cleanrooms, making bioprinters more portable and safe.

Blue light is a part of the visible light spectrum, from 400 nm to approximately 500 nm wavelength. Disinfecting blue light while being completely safe for human beings kills all forms of bacteria, yeast, and mold. Unlike UV light (100–400nm), visible blue light does not deteriorate materials or cause other hazardous effects.


* Germicidal 400-500 nm LEDs for printing chamber disinfection
* The antimicrobial blue light eliminates pathogens from the bioprinter chamber air and surfaces