Brinter ONE – Multitool 3D Bioprinter

A modular 3D bioprinter platform offering variable printing modalities in a single printing platform. Print an unlimited number of bio materials.

* Patented modular concept:
* Effortless insertion and removal of print heads in tool sockets
* You can have 4 print heads onboard Brinter®, and you can keep switching them to as many different ones as you need to
* Cost-effective future print head updates/upgrades without the need to purchase a new printer
* Upgradable from desktop to mass production
* Automatic print head change and print head recognition enable the printing of different materials in the same construct
* Patented automatic XYZ calibration system for the print heads
* Optional heating and cooling functions for the print heads, min 4 °C, max. 250 °C
* Print heads compatible with standard Luer-lock syringes and needles
* Compatible Syringes 10 mL & 3 mL
* Pressure Range of the Print Heads is 0–6 bar
* XYZ Minimum Step Size of 3 µm
* Maximum print speed of 80 mm/s
* Minimum Strand Diameter is material dependent with 0.05 mm needles available
* Equipment Dimensions (W × D × H) of 550 × 650 × 600 mm / 21.65 x 25.59 x 23.62 in.
* Large build volume (XYZ) of 304 x 174 x 80 mm / 11.96 x 6.85 x 3.15 in.
* Weight of the device is 42 kg / 92 lb.
* Optional heating and cooling of the print bed, min 4 °C, max. 100 °C
* Camera for online process view
* Conventional Germicidal UV LEDs or nonharmful blue light photonic disinfection
* Photocuring UV/Visible light LEDs of 365 nm, 405 nm or 450 nm
* Print on whatever print surface you prefer: Petri dish, well plate, microscope slide, or directly on the print bed