14 Cu. Ft. Hydrocarbon Flammable Material Freezer

The Basic Series Flammable Storage Freezers NFPA and OSHA guidelines 45 and 70 for the refrigerated storage of flammable (volatile) materials in general laboratory work areas. Utilizes ATEX and non-sparking components for safety. These units are NOT designed for use in environments where volatile/explosive conditions could potentially exist.

Freezer models feature a microprocessor temperature controller and display, allow for precise temperature control, verification and recovery versus mechanical style thermostats.

Environmentally friendly, natural hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants (not containing hydrofluorocarbons) which vastly reduce global-warming potential (GWP) while meeting new EPA/SNAP mandates and UL or ETL, ASHRAE compliance guidelines

Please Note: For manual defrost freezers, periodic manual defrosting is required. Freestanding models require 4″ of clearance around back and sides of unit for proper ventilation.