Labculture® Class II, Type B2 (LB2) Biosafety Cabinet

Biological Safety Cabinet

Esco Labculture B2 (LB2) series BSCs are full-sized, high performance, biological safety cabinets, designed to provide maximum operator and product protection, with large work zone area, optimum user ergonomics, and following features: Energy efficient DC-ECM Blower to provide stable airflow and reduce energy bill ULPA downflow filter, to provide cleaner ISO Class 3 work zone, at same filter life & cost as HEPA Large performance envelope. Provides widest margin of operator and product protection Anti-microbial coating, with silver ions to reduce bio-burden and lab contamination. Durable steel plenum with anti-microbial coating. Resist leak unlike plastic bag plenum Double layer side wall with negative pressure. Prevents pathogens from escaping Raised Arm Rest, to comfortably place arms without grille blocking Easy to clean with 1 piece interior wall with curved corners, dished tray, and angled drain pan Centered, angled down controller, easy to operate from sitting position.