CelCulture® CO2 Incubator (CCL)

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Esco CelCulture® (CCL) CO₂ Incubators are precisely controlled incubators equipped with complete contamination protection and ergonomic features, combining safety and reliability into a modern technology Rapid temperature recovery within ≤5 minute with direct heating, with air jacket to isolate the inner chamber from ambient  fluctuations Excellent uniformity using VentiFlow™ forced convection system ULPA filter, 10x more efficient than HEPA, creating ISO Class 5 chamber within 11 minutes of door closing Anti-microbial powder coating to kill the contaminants to reduce product and lab contamination Advanced Infrared (IR) CO₂ sensor that’s not affected by water vapor, pressure, or temperature, unlike TC sensor. Validated 90°C moist heat decontamination to get Log 6 kill Easy to remove interior components for quick and through surface decontamination Easy to clean, single piece stainless steel interior chamber with rounded corners User-friendly control panel, with large temperature and CO2 display, combined with LCD to navigate the menu.