Frontier® Acela™ Ducted Fume Hood (EFA)

Chemical Fume Hood

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Esco Frontier Acela™ (EFA) series are high performance fume hoods that can operate at 60 fpm instead of traditional 100 fpm, saving about $2000/year from lower exhaust and make-up air requirement ASHRAE 110 and EN14175 certified at 100 fpm (0.50 m/s) Face Velocity UL-1805 Listed for for fire, electrical and mechanical safety for Laboratory Hoods Aerospace airfoil technology to create high-velocity airflow at sash perimeter Perforated back wall to create unidirectional flow that prevents cross contamination Airflow slots at 4 different heights to quickly remove chemical fumes with different densities Tapered exhaust collar to distribute exhaust suction throughout entire hood width 5 degree sloped front to improve ergonomics Comfortable arm rest that doubles as airfoil to improve containment Creep-down sash mechanism to ensure safe opening Specialized interior material for general purpose, acid digestion, and radioisotope.