BioPharma® Steam Sterilizer

Animal care, Vivarium, research laboratory,
bio pharma, small steam sterilizer

The PRIMUS BioPharma® steam sterilizer, by Spire Integrated Solutions, is MADE IN AMERICA, and specifically designed for facilities that require an autoclave to meet GLP and or cGMP requirements.

PRIMUS’S BioPharma sterilizer product line is configured for: tight temperature tolerances for monitoring, and valid results that meet required sterile environments. This unit is constructed of 316L stainless steel throughout the chamber and door fabrication with a standard 10Ra finish.

PRIMUS BioPharma sterilizers are Rockwell PLC computer-controlled, with validatable cycles for processing of textiles, vented and non-vented liquid containers, glassware, culture media, laboratory supplies, and medical device materials associated with QA laboratories and production environments.