Airstream® Polymerase Chain Reaction Cabinet (PCR)

PCR Workstation

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Esco PCR and SCR units goes beyond traditional PCR cabinets by incorporating HEPA filtered airflow to prevent contamination during critical DNA amplification work Powerful UV lamp with programmable timer to remove DNA / RNA contamination Integrated front cover to contain UV radiation Energy efficient blower that quietly repels contaminants from the workzone HEPA filtration to provide ISO Class 4 workzone, unlike typical dead air box PCR cabinets Anti-microbial coating, with silver ions to reduce contamination Dished tray to contain spill and cleaning solution, prevent it from dripping to floor Lightweight and compact. Can be mounted on existing tabletop Microprocessor controller to monitor airflow in real-time Suitable to contain Real-Time PCR machine to rever transcript COVID-19 RNA and amplify the DNA.