910 LX

Ultima Series 910 LX Freestanding Glassware Washing Machine

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Ultima Series 910 LX Freestanding Glassware washing machine with the following features:

* Chamber dimensions: 21.40″H x 21.1″W x 20.5″D
* External dimensions: 58.40″H x 24″W x 29.6″D
* 2 Independent and adjustable wash levels
* Prolux PLC control system
* Four pre-set plus 36 customizable programs
* 3.5″ color touchscreen display with intuitive icon-based interface
* Front panel USB port plus Ethernet, RS232, RS422/485 connections on control board
* Electric door closing system
* LANCER’s Super Drying system with HEPA filtered, forced air drying via injectors and chamber
* 304L stainless steel construction
* 316L stainless steel chamber and door construction
* Insulated chamber for quiet operation
* Built-in detergent and acid neutralizer pumps for labor free dosing
* On-board chemical storage with liquid level detection
* Triple filter system to protect circulation pump
* Self-diagnostic software
* Racks are interchangeable between levels (sold separately)
* Racks are interchangeable with 810 – 1300 family of washers (sold separately)
* Electrically heated unless steam option is noted below
* End user training by local Lancer Sales Representative
As standard, utility requirements (see specification for full detail):
* Voltage: 208V, 3-Phase, 60 Hz
* DI Supply: Pressurized (29 to 87 PSIG, with minimum flow rate of 5 GPM)