Commitment to Sustainability

New Generation Ultra-Low Freezers Underscore Commitment to Sustainability

LabEquipCo is a longstanding supporter of efforts to mitigate energy consumption in all products we sell throughout the western United States. Our principal companies have recorded extraordinary success in managing research and development programs with remarkable outcomes associated with dramatic decreases in refrigeration costs throughout the life science and scientific community.

Long considered one of the most difficult problems to overcome, the expense of ultra-low temperature and cryogenic refrigeration has fallen dramatically with the advent of a new refrigeration platform managed by sophisticated algorithms that control a new generation of variable-speed motors at the forefront of on-demand cooling.

West Coast initiatives transcending our geographic region to international markets include My Green Labs, a non-profit advocacy group recognizing successes in manufacturer and customer venues. The Laboratory Equipment Company’s principal manufacturer PHCbi brand is an industry leader in high performance, energy efficient cold storage solutions. The PHCbi brand sponsors the My Green Labs International Freezer Competition each year, encouraging researchers to save energy by properly maintaining laboratory refrigerators and freezers and retiring unneeded units. Last year thousands of laboratories from 195 countries participated in the challenge and saved what equates to energy consumption for more than 1300 homes.[i]

Our commitment to sourcing products that help laboratories meet sustainability goals means most of our refrigerators and freezers have earned ENERGY STAR® Certification for performance as measured and independently documented over broad criteria. In particular, PHCbi brand refrigerators and freezers are tested for performance in severe ambient conditions, operation during brown-outs and rolling black-outs endemic to the West Coast, and recovery following door openings. In fact, all PHCbi brand undercounter refrigerators and freezers are ENERGY STAR Certified, an attribute that underscores PHC Corporation of North America’s commitment to energy stewardship throughout the West Coast and the world.

For ENERGY STAR information on specific products, please contact us.