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Bahnson Environmental Specialties
Bahnson Environmental Specialties Builds and Installs Ultra Low Freezer for Masy Systems
Bahnson Environmental Specialties Builds and Installs Ultra Low Freezer for Masy Systems
The Baker Company
The Baker Company Overview
Baker Class II, Type A2 Biosafety Cabinet - How it works
FlexAIR Canopy Exhaust Connection Saves Energy
SterilchemGARD Product Animation
Baker EdgeGARD HF Clean Bench. Product Protection Smoke Demonstration
Baker BioChemGARD Product Animation
Bertin Technolgies
Bertin inCellis® Smart Cell Imaging System
Precellys® Evolution SUPER Homogenizer
Bertin Precellys® 24 Super Bead Homogenizer
Precellys® Evolution Homogenizer Protein Extraction from food sample
Bertin Cryolys® Cooling Unit
Bertin Minilys® Personal Homogenizer
CBS Isothermal All Vapor Storage LN2 Freezers
CBS Isothermal Carousel Operation
CBS EV (EcoVapor) LN2 Freezer
CBS Model 2101 Controlled Rate LN2 Freezer - Setup & Basic Operation
DeNovix DS-11 MicroVolume UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
DeNovix DS-11 FX Series Spectrophotometer / Fluorometer
DeNovix SmartPath® Technology with Bridge Testing Ensures Measurement Accuracy
DeNovix QFX Fluorometer
ERLAB Simpler Safer
ESCO 'Working Safely In Biological Cabinets'
ESCO 'What to Keep in Mind for Stable Airflow in your BSC'
ESCO 'Things to Remember When Using Your PCR Cabinet'
ESCO 'Work in Comfort with ESCO's PCR Cabinet'
ESCO 'Top 5 Reasons People Buy a New Laminar Flow Cabinet'
ESCO Animal Workstation - Work Without Hassle
Farrar Scientific High Performance Controlled Rate Freeze/Thaw Chamber
Hettich MIKRO 185 Tabletop Microliter Centrifuge
Hettich Roto Silenta 640 RS Floor Standing Centrifuge
LANCER Glassware Washers / Dryers
Design of Memmert Ovens
Operation of Memmert Ovens
Software of Memmert Ovens
Panasonic Healthcare: Discovery Powered by Precision
Panasonic CellIQ Auto CO2 Incubator MCO-170AICUVH with H202 Decontamination System
Panasonic LabAlert App-based Laboratory Alarm Monitoring System
Panasonic CellIQ Large CO2 Incubsator Model MCO-230AIC
Panasonic ULT Freezer Watercooling
Panasonic TwinGuard /Dual Cool -86C Freezers
Introduction to RephiLe Bioscience
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