Shur-flo by Lane Industries
Discover Shur-flo by Lane Industires. A better lab animal watering system.
Large Animal and Small Animal Valves
The Patented Shur-flo Valve is a new, superior animal hydration instrument used in laboratory settings where sanitation and automation are key factors in maintaining the health of the animal subjects. Shur-flo is the first hydration system of its kind to offer a low actuation force allowing smaller animals or weanlings to utilize the product with ease. Shur-flo operates the same at various pressures found on a rack due to water column issues. The animals at the top of the rack drink the same as the ones on the bottom of the rack. These features combined with a leak resistant design and few parts, allow for a more competitively priced valve. This makes Shur-flo the smartest alternative on the market today.
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