PHC Corporation of North America (formerly Panasonic Healthcare Corporation)
PHC Corporation of North America, formerly Panasonic Healthcare Corporation, began manufacturing equipment for medical applications in 1974. Highlights of our product record include the world's first -152°C ultralow temperature freezer, followed by the release of a full range of refrigerators and freezers using our CFC- free refrigerant two years later (achieved in cooperation with industry-leader ICI Chemicals & Polymers Ltd.).
We practice Human-Oriented Design and manufacture our own compressors to be paired with our electronics technologies to create unrivaled product performance. Performance, durability and expeditious maintenance are our hallmarks.
PHC Corporation supports advances in physiology, genetics, virology, pharmacology, and leading-edge biotechnology fields.
Panasonic Healthcare: Discovery Powered by Precision
Panasonic CellIQ Auto CO2 Incubator MCO-170AICUVH with H202 Decontamination System
Panasonic LabAlert App-based Laboratory Alarm Monitoring System
Panasonic CellIQ Large CO2 Incubsator Model MCO-230AIC
Panasonic ULT Freezer Watercooling
Panasonic TwinGuard /Dual Cool -86C Freezers
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