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Bertin Technologies is a global company which provides Life Science expertise. We offer a full range of Laboratory Equipment, including a unique line of products designed for biological sample preparation (Precellys®).
Based on 10 years of sample preparation expertise and thousands of references, Precellys® is a range of robust tissue homogenizers for grinding tissues and lysing cells prior to DNA, RNA and protein extraction. Precellys® uses bead-beating technology to optimize sample preparation with fast and reproducible biological results, in comparison to manual grinding, sonication or mixing.
  • Precellys® Evolution, the NEW and most advanced homogenizer with the capability to process 4 different sizes of tubes (0.5, 2, 7, and 15mL), and up to 24 tubes simultaneously
  • Precellys®24, a high-throughput tissue homogenizer for sample preparation in 0.5mL or 2mL tubes, for up to 24 samples simultaneously
  • Minilys®, a compact, flexible & low budget homogenizer for daily lab workflow
  • Cryolysv, a cooling option for maintaining 4°C during sample homogenization. Compatible with Precellys®24 and Precellys® Evolution, it allows extraction of stable RNA, native-state proteins, and enzymes
  • Precellys® Lysing kits, a full range containing 25 references of tubes (0.5, 2, 7, and 15mL) pre-filled with beads adapted to any of your samples: animal tissues, microorganisms, plant tissues, etc.
InCellis - Smart Cell Imaging System
Bertin Precellys® Evolution Bead Homogenizer
Bertin Precellys® 24 Super Bead Homogenizer
Bertin Minilys® Personal Homogenizer
Bertin Cryolys® Cooling Unit
Bertin Precellys® Lysing kits
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