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Download Altapure Model AP-4 Literature
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Altapure manufacturers Ultrasonic High Level Disinfection systems that are EPA approved, provide Total Kill, are Green, Non-Toxic and Non-Residue Solutions that are safe for labs, including animal labs.
Altapure Model AP-4 ultrasonic No-Touch High Level Disinfection System will achieve a consistent 100% kill of viruses, bacteria and spores including C. difficile when following the manufactures directions. Altacare is a unique chemistry comprised of extremely low percentages of PAA (0.18%) and H2O2 (0.88%); this organic agent ends green, leaves no residue and is safe for animals. The AP-4 is suitable for use in room size spaces found in Research Labs, Vivarium's and is easily adaptable to attach to Washers and Decontamination chambers. The AP-4 disinfects all surfaces, is extremely fast, and meets or exceeds the EPA definition of disinfection.
Altapure Model AP-D can be integrated with new or existing Decontamination Chambers and Rack Washers. Altpure can help provide custom solutions for your chambers.
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